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A champion fisherman, marksman, and board game enthusiast, STEVE CONRAD spent his adolescence exploring the woods, streams, and lakes in southern New Hampshire.  His mother a writer, his father a factory worker with hidden artistic talents, he was encouraged at an early age to express himself through art and music.  Although he and his two older brothers weren't allowed to use the family's straight to VHS video recorder, that didn't stop them from making their own short films when home alone.

Using video to tell stories became a daily process.  Although settings rarely changed from their kitchen or basement, their imaginations brought them all over the world, bringing in other neighborhood kids to fill the cast list.  These short movies formed a bond between him, his brothers, and his friends that hasn't broken since.

Steve took his love for movie making and attended film school in the early 2000s.  Concentrating on cinematography, he discovered his love for creating a beautiful image and adopted the mantra "make every frame a painting."  He has since put 24 frames per second aside and has fully embraced photography as his true passion.  

When not behind the camera, he is at the table rolling a twenty sided die, moving his meeples, or commanding his armies.  But mostly he lounges on the couch watching movies with his dog, Judge.